Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine? My St. Husband!

Ok...you are thinking a month in between sale dates...plenty of time, right??
GOLLY G! It just flies right by~ crazily!  Projects start at home...you ought to see my dining room table.  On second thought...no, no you shouldn't.  You'd think the garage would be the place to paint and repurpose those projects.  Yes, there too.  The back garage?  Yes, there too.  The kitchen floor, buffet, bedroom hallway and basement.  All there too! 

So what does the dear old hubby say?  Not much...sure he sighs, mumbles under his breath and probably rolls his eyes a few times at my 'piles of junk' but whenever I need a wire cut, a few boards sliced into quarters, and a screw here and a nail there, he does it without complaint.  Yesterday he came with to pick up a vanity I bought and couldn't haul out myself.  On the way, I noticed I hadn't yet emptied the crib in the back of the van.  When we got there I remembered the lamp and other thingamajig I bought also.  It would never all fit, nope it didn't.  We will have to make another trip back again.  Oops.  Then at the shop he hung a blind, moved a door, tried to hang a ladder (the spot I requested was not hanging friendly) and we left to put the vanity into the garage stall where the rest (of some) of my projects await...

What a guy!  
He may cringe at my 'junk' but knows I am in my glory surrounded by creations and projects that make me happy!  And for that my dear, I am thankful!
Happy Valentine's Day to my one and only!  

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