Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We must thank you again
for allowing us an extra week to dry out!
Thank goodness, 
nothing was ruined!  
The Duluth Flood of 2012 will not be forgotten anytime soon.  Amazing what Mother Nature can do-- even a flood in a city build on a hill!  (& our shops are on top of it!)

We are all set to go for our JUNE SALE!
This month we played with Americana and Primitives!  I loved it!
(I think a few consigners did too!)
We welcome a new batch of talents this month!
I heart Etsy!
I found Busy Corner Crafts there!
One wonderful compliment I recently received was that Golly G is like Etsy in a store!
I like to think so!!  Thank you Chris!
 More beauties in amazing variations were brought in by Toni.   
We call this vintage bling!   Seriously this lady has talent!
We also have new pottery, funky junk, greeting cards, garden art, jewelry AND MORE!
I could brag and thank all day but we hope you can see what great homemade products and vintage goodies will be available:
Thursday 4-8pm
Friday 10-6pm
Saturday 10-4pm
More shop photo's...
Gifts for children.  Always a popular corner!  (and cute!)

Tins galore in a sunny kitchen display

Primitives come together nicely in front room!

Playing with RED!

And now with YELLOW!
Hope to see you at the sale!

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