Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Sings

Rewind about 23 years ago, Anoka Senior High school.  They called us 'band geek's' but we didn't care.  We had a passion for music, marching and good clean fun.  

Missy and I recently reconnected on Facebook and got to catch up on the last 20 some years.
Husbands, kids, jobs and extra 'stuff' that fills the holes of our daily lives- we even have boys about the same age.  Here is where her story differs.  Her son has Tuberous Sclerosis and it sounds like Missy is quite the voice behind it.  (5 trips to Washington DC under her belt to help lobby medical research)  
Altho I don't know much about TSC- I know that it affects Missy's son's daily life including seizures.

So, recently after opening up Golly G, Missy asked me about selling some non-profit products.  Missy was always pretty talented but this is just cool:
Missy sews for a cause:  
The proceeds from her items are all donated to Heart Sings.
Heart Sings is dedicated to raising funds to get ipads in the hands of children and adults with speech impairments.

This from Heart Sing's Facebook page:
"After seeing the piece on 60 Minutes on 10/23/11 about how ipads were giving autistic children a voice and personally having a friend who could not get their traditional insurance to cover even a portion of an ipad we was were moved to do something. Then an unexpected check came in the mail and Heart Sings 
was born."


Missy still has passion and her product and cause show it!  Thank you Missy for participating in Golly G's boutique!  I'm proud to carry your product and help 'find the voice we knew you had!'

CLICK HERE to connect to Heart Sings on Facebook!

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