Thursday, January 12, 2012

Won't you swap your heart for mine- And be my little Valentine?

Cupid's Corner

Not just another Hallmark holiday....
The apex of valentine making was achieved in the Victorian era when very elaborate cards were created out of pictorial scraps, lace, printed verses, ribbons and colored papers.  

Cupid's Corner
The red and white corner is where I started in the room this week.  Being involved in Candy Bouquet has always given me a jump on this Kewpie's day.  I'll have to say my most favorite part in year's past have nothing to do with my own traditions, but those of other's!  Taking bouquet orders and the expressions of love that the sender has me add to their card has made me blush, giggle and sigh!   People are creative, bold and wonderfully, infatuating in LOVE.  And I L-O-V-E it!  

For our January sale, we are excited to feature handmade cards by a sweet grandma that has a bounty of creative talents.  Also vintage valentine items: postcards, unique handcrafted button bouquet's, primitive fabric hearts, fine chocolates and much, much MORE!

"There never was a sweeter face, There never was such gentle grace, And none has filled this heart of mine, Like my beloved Valentine." RF

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