Monday, October 8, 2012

OctoBRRRRR is here!

I'm a big old wimp when it comes to being cold!
Here I blog in my SmartWool's, slippers, hooded sweater and 3 blankets!  This of course after a day outside cleaning and organizing the yard and 'my goodies' for their new winter storage area's.  

It seems as though the wind picks up it's pace in Duluth in the Autumn months.  With just one good gusty day the beauty of fall can be uprooted into swirls of gold into piles of crunchy fun for kids.  (and adults too- wonder if hubby would mind me posting some leaf fun that occurred after cursing the fallen in our 'trying to put the pool away without leaves in it' attempt!)

Anyway, my new junking zone is tucked nicely in the (when needed, heated) back garage.  So wonderful to be allowed the single stall side of someone's Garage Mahal!  : )  

We look forward to our 'busy' season with many new consigner's and crafts!  The yellow house is a wonderful place to be--much less stress as the weather changes!  It now can rain, sleet, wind and snow ...wait, well, NO ...not quite all at once but we are thankful and feeling ready for the changes ahead!
Stay warm & 
Happy October!
See you the 25th-28th!

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  1. what a lovely post & ohhhh so true - got to peruse your sept sale & looking forward to seeing what you have in store for oct - always so darling!