Monday, January 30, 2012

Thank you!

Another fun & fab weekend at Golly G
thanks to my customers & consigners who were here with us this month!

The greenhouse kept things interesting. 
(were you lucky enough to 'enjoy' drip-drip-drop on tin while shopping?)   
How about the 'shady' character's
(photo's on my Facebook page)
in disguise at the register?

After some shop talk and great interest, I decided I will be rolling out news on a 
FuNkY jUnK wOrKsHoP
in February!
Watch for updates!

February sale dates & times:
Friday, February 24 10am-6pm
Saturday, February 25 10am-4pm
Sunday, February 26 12pm-4pm
(Take note, we gave Thursday the boot!)

Thanks again!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January SALE starts today!

Our occasional dates have arrived!

We open later today for our evening sale from 6-9pm.
Followed up with:

Friday, 10am-6pm
Saturday, 9am-4pm
Sunday, Noon-4pm

THANK YOU to all of our ARTIST's & CREATOR's
featured this month!


Now taking orders for Valentine's Day

Blog with Missy!

Individual artist's:

Beau-tanical's- Goat's milk lotions and soaps
Handstamped cards by grammy W.
Stained glass and woodworking by Ron
Vintage accessories & more by KHM
Misc. lovelies by MI and her mom
NJ- a multi talented wonder
DF- Newest vendor and creator of steel art
AM-our dearly missed friend from Checkered Corner
BL- keeping us warm and pretty in winter
Antiques and stained glass by Joy
Vintage Retakes
Soycraze candles & the ever popular FiNgeR pUpPeTs
AS- Another multi talent just needing a little push
PF and your rockin' husband (You are quite a team)
HofJ- we are so happy to 'help' you when you are not open : )
NJ- Hooded towels and #1 SIDEKICK ever!!
MJ- Baby's favorite, ultimate double sided flannel, perfect sized blanket maker
Lapsi Babycrafts- Babyshoe artist & fab mother of 6!
JD- Jewelry so easy to display and ooh and ahh over
CD- collector then creator of small beauties: buttons, pins, beads, agates & more
TM- Pottery queen
CH-another grandma with knitting flair
TK-If only you didn't have a full time job!
Duluth Coffee Company
Laughingstock Design

All consigner's are local artist's creating
handmade or vintage items for your shopping pleasure at Golly G!
A HUGE thank you to them ALL!

Interested in consignment?
Call or email for details!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Sings

Rewind about 23 years ago, Anoka Senior High school.  They called us 'band geek's' but we didn't care.  We had a passion for music, marching and good clean fun.  

Missy and I recently reconnected on Facebook and got to catch up on the last 20 some years.
Husbands, kids, jobs and extra 'stuff' that fills the holes of our daily lives- we even have boys about the same age.  Here is where her story differs.  Her son has Tuberous Sclerosis and it sounds like Missy is quite the voice behind it.  (5 trips to Washington DC under her belt to help lobby medical research)  
Altho I don't know much about TSC- I know that it affects Missy's son's daily life including seizures.

So, recently after opening up Golly G, Missy asked me about selling some non-profit products.  Missy was always pretty talented but this is just cool:
Missy sews for a cause:  
The proceeds from her items are all donated to Heart Sings.
Heart Sings is dedicated to raising funds to get ipads in the hands of children and adults with speech impairments.

This from Heart Sing's Facebook page:
"After seeing the piece on 60 Minutes on 10/23/11 about how ipads were giving autistic children a voice and personally having a friend who could not get their traditional insurance to cover even a portion of an ipad we was were moved to do something. Then an unexpected check came in the mail and Heart Sings 
was born."


Missy still has passion and her product and cause show it!  Thank you Missy for participating in Golly G's boutique!  I'm proud to carry your product and help 'find the voice we knew you had!'

CLICK HERE to connect to Heart Sings on Facebook!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Won't you swap your heart for mine- And be my little Valentine?

Cupid's Corner

Not just another Hallmark holiday....
The apex of valentine making was achieved in the Victorian era when very elaborate cards were created out of pictorial scraps, lace, printed verses, ribbons and colored papers.  

Cupid's Corner
The red and white corner is where I started in the room this week.  Being involved in Candy Bouquet has always given me a jump on this Kewpie's day.  I'll have to say my most favorite part in year's past have nothing to do with my own traditions, but those of other's!  Taking bouquet orders and the expressions of love that the sender has me add to their card has made me blush, giggle and sigh!   People are creative, bold and wonderfully, infatuating in LOVE.  And I L-O-V-E it!  

For our January sale, we are excited to feature handmade cards by a sweet grandma that has a bounty of creative talents.  Also vintage valentine items: postcards, unique handcrafted button bouquet's, primitive fabric hearts, fine chocolates and much, much MORE!

"There never was a sweeter face, There never was such gentle grace, And none has filled this heart of mine, Like my beloved Valentine." RF

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January in the Northland

Up north Minnesota in January...typical words that might come to mind: Harsh, arctic, bitter, bleak, icy, snowy WINTER!  However, with barely an inch or two of snow on the ground (Here in Hermantown, bare in most other places in Duluth) and temps most days over 30, we are all scratching our heads and wondering if we might actually not need those snow blowers and face masks at the bus stop this year. 

That's ok!  If anything here, we take the pleasant unexpectant's of the weather happily!   Who knows what tomorrow brings? 

January Sale Theme's will go as planned!

Duluth Coffee Company coffee will be featured along with some handmade coffee, tea & warm drink accessories.  I'm so happy to feature this WONDERFUL local brewer whom we met at our December sale!
On the same theme we will feature items for the sauna!  I'm 100% Finn and enjoy the luxury of a hot sauna (make sure you are pronouncing it correctly: SOW-NA) daily to take the chill out of your bones and relax at the end of the day.  
Also blankets, winter wear, candles and other cozy comforts for keeping warm this winter!

I will stop there for now....more January themes to come!  

**Help spread the word on consignment!  This thread may find you thinking, 'oh, so and so makes a mean sauna bucket' or 'Aunt Susie brews a good tea!'  I am always looking for those awesome connections!  

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Come Consign!

It's amazing the talents that are here, so close to home!
Golly G supports and appreciates the handmade.  

Consignment rates are low at Golly G.  We pride ourselves in promoting your work by allowing business cards and other contact signage for custom or future orders.  We display your product for you.  Any amount and various type of crafts allowed all under one contract.  

Call or email for contract details.  

HaPpY nEw YeAr! HaPpy NeW bLoG!

Welcome on this new adventure with me and Golly G!  

I opened my doors to this exciting endeavor in November, 2011.  Golly G is located on Hermantown Road in a quaint old building known in another time as Carlson Floral.   Perimetered with rickity fences and greenhouses tilting more than they probably should, the potential and atmosphere there matches the vision of Golly G.  A local spot with history, a story to tell, a blank canvas, creations created, old into new, reclaiming, repurposing and starting anew!  

Golly G is an arts and crafts consignment shop.  We pride ourselves in supporting local, handmade goods.  We also feature vintage treasures.  Some as beautiful as the day they were created, others needing just a touch of TLC, and that other pile? Our favorite JuNk that with a touch of creativity becomes something more wonderful with a whole other purpose!